“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” ~ Maria Robinson

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” ~ Maria Robinson

About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Danielle Buchanan and I also go by Dani. My pronouns are she/her/hers and it is a pleasure to meet you!

When I was 19, I was in an accident that almost took my life.

Prior to the accident, I lived a carefree life and believed I was invincible. After the accident, I lived in a state of disconnection from my body. I wasn’t able to walk for months, my relationships suffered, and my whole world was turned upside down.

I had a constant fear that kept me up at night, that I wouldn’t get past this.

I sought ways to distract myself from the uncomfortable negative thoughts and feelings of worry, guilt, and shame for what I’d been through.

Eventually, I became tired of living in this story that made me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin.

One typical, wet Vancouver day, I saw an article about a 10 km race and in that moment, I felt a spark of hope.

Everyone around me told me I shouldn’t do it because I would get hurt. Their negativity fuelled my desire to change and I began seeing a counsellor where I learned that it’s normal to not always be “okay” and that everyone needs help at some point in their life.

From our work together, I began to shift my thinking and re-evaluate what I wanted in my life. I learned that I was capable of so much more.

My story began to change when I chose to not let my accident define who I am.

As I shared my experience with others, my story began to take on the qualities of hope, optimism, and eventually I realized it had been a pivotal turning point in my life.

Exactly one year after the accident that nearly took my life, I ran my first ever 10 km race.

I remember being at the starting line, tears rolling down my face, as I reflected on everything I’d been through in the past year.

A man approached me and said, “don’t worry, this isn’t a hard race!”

Little did he know that just a few months ago, I worried that I would never get to live the life I’d dreamed of.

I was embarking on a new chapter in my life. I was shifting from playing small to feeling in control of my life and beginning to thrive in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Although my recovery hadn’t been a linear process, neither is life. The ups and downs along the way were part of my growth and have led me to where I am now.

At some point along my healing journey, I finally felt truly embraced by myself and others. I was able to release thoughts that were no longer serving me, end my negative self-talk, and form healthier relationships.

My journey, just like yours, has been like the waves in the ocean. Sometimes they are so strong that we feel like we can’t breathe. And other times, the calmness allows us to come up for air.

There are people in my life who I choose to have close to me when the waves come, and others that I have let go of because of their tendency to pull me under.

I have created a community of people who I feel most safe and secure with, and therapy has been an important part of my journey. Life, my own and others, has become extremely precious to me and I strive to cherish every moment.

Now, I choose to dedicate myself to ensuring others have the same opportunity as I did to shift their perspective and their story (narratives) in a way that will honour their past experiences, while moving forward and developing healthy relationships with themselves and others.

The decision to connect with a therapist is a new and challenging step for many, and I honour whatever it is that has brought you here. I look forward to supporting you in your journey and connecting with you.

Individual Counselling

If you’ve landed here on my page, chances are you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself. Life can be really overwhelming sometimes, leaving us feeling disconnected from who we really are.

Big changes in life, including changes in your relationships or career, loss of a loved one, or even loss of your own sense of self, can leave you feeling stressed and anxious.

Lately, you may have noticed that your thoughts are racing a mile a minute, and you’re having trouble focusing and staying grounded. Sometimes it can feel like you’re barely treading water and it’s hard to catch your breath at times.

You find yourself going against your own values and engaging in self-sabotaging behaviours like drinking too much, restricting food or binge-eating, or pushing loved ones away. As a result, you may be left feeling guilty and ashamed.

You’ve been dealing with these feelings on your own for a while now, but it’s gotten to the point where you know you need to reach out for some extra support.

When you choose to work with me you will be given the opportunity to discuss your inner thoughts, feelings and experiences in a non-judgmental and confidential space. You will experience me as someone who willingly walks beside you in your difficulty, so you don’t have to feel alone.

Together, we will figure out how to best cope with the challenges you are presently experiencing. Where appropriate, we’ll work with your emotions to help you understand why they are there and what fears and needs are driving them. Often, this includes looking at our relationship with ourselves and others, and understanding our attachments to other people.

My intention is to be a part of your growth and development and I will support you on your journey towards long-lasting and meaningful shifts in your life. Throughout our work together, you can expect that you will be better equipped to face your fears, you will learn to find your own voice, feel more in control of your life, and get back to being yourself.

I work online with my clients so you can have your sessions from the comfort of your home. Working online is just as effective as in person and many studies have confirmed that there’s no difference in the outcome of therapy. 

You can learn more about working with me, by reading my consent form. To help you get there I use a variety of approaches depending on what works for you. My approach to counselling is rooted in the idea that the body holds information that cannot always be expressed through words. I believe that change is possible by integrating the mind and body in using a more holistic approach. In addition to this, I also use Life Span Integration Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy. You have more power for growth and change than you think, and I work alongside you to own your own voice and your story.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” ~ Maya Angelou 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” ~ Maya Angelou 

Professional Bio

Danielle graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver, BC in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She subsequently obtained a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. Danielle is also a Certified Professional Life Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification, and she has coached for Sole Girls Empowerment Group. Danielle has specialized training in Suicide to Hope, Advanced Narrative Therapy, Life Span Integration Therapy, and Gottman Couples Therapy.

Danielle worked in sales and marketing for a recycled products company in Vancouver, Canada for over ten years. She had the opportunity to train with Soapbox Speakers and has experience with toastmasters. Danielle has also worked in Beijing, China where she led students who intended to study in Canada in discussions around culture shock and life transitions. She then lived in Rajasthan, India and worked for a women’s empowerment group where she was responsible for a start-up project working with women who had been diagnosed with cancer.

She visited rural villages to share her story about being a cancer survivor and within a team, helped provide an environment for people to build connections and access support and resources in their community.

When not engaged with clients or furthering her therapeutic knowledge, Danielle enjoys spending time with friends and family, and can often be found enjoying the local trails by foot or by bike with her beloved dog Faith.

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